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The "Preacher Man"

Thoughts from our Producer, Ken Everson


As heard in Part II of the Bill Prater Interview Podcast, Bill "Preacher Man" Prater as called by his fellow officers of the law in Liberal, Kansas is an excellent example of how God can use you no matter where you are in life!

I'm 32 years old. I guess, I am still considered "young" in life; however, I have a significant number of years behind me. Getting to listen to Bill's life story reminded me that God's working in your life is never finished as long as you have breath on this earth.

Bill shared a special video with Pastor and I after we were done of his daughter in law speaking about his son, TJ who passed away. Seeing the smile and tears touched my heart. The love of a father to a son is strong. How much more is the love of THE Father to his Son that he would WILLINGLY give his son's life for me? Think about that...

I hope you all enjoyed these episodes as much as I did recording, editing, and producing them. I count it a privilege to sit down and be apart of getting these episodes to you guys. We have fun on this podcast. We really do! We have some awesome episodes coming up that are just going to be exactly that... fun! But, when we get to listen to a true story of God's amazing grace in action, it makes it that much better.

What was your favorite part about these last two episodes? Have you seen the hand of God in your life? If so, how?

Tell us about it! Go to and click "message". You can send us a voice message! We'd love to hear from you.

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